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The myriad pressures of everyday life can leave your skin feeling dull and aged by the end of the day. A facial can offer a refreshing experience for your facial skin and make it look young, radiant and nourished again.

At Professional Threading Studio, we offer a range of facials to suit different skin types and achieve different results in lieu with the client’s needs. As one of the premier beauty and grooming salons in New York, we take pride in the fact that our beauty and grooming services are of international standards while not necessarily burning a hole through your pocket. In fact, you will be surprised to note that we offer some of the most exclusive and exquisite facial services in the region for highly affordable prices.

Our staff of trained beauticians and grooming experts are at your beck and call, and will ensure that you remain as comfortable as possible during the facial. Wondering which would be the best facial to choose from the dozens of services we offer? Our beauticians will assess your facial skin and recommend the best facial service that would match your skin’s requirements and nourish it. We walk you through the entire process of skin care during and after a facial, and offer you insights on how to care for your skin post availing a facial service at our salon.

Two of the most noted facials sought after by our clients include the Pearl Facial and the 24 Carat Gold Facial. While the Pearl Facial helps provide essential nutrients to your skin and protects it from sun damage with the help of rich ingredients like amino acids, proteins and minerals, the 24 Carat Gold Facial provides deep nourishment to your skin and imparts a sensational glow to the same.

If you are setting on a journey to explore and experience the fine art of true beauty, trust Professional Threading Studio to help you find your way! Call us for a consultation or visit us for a dream facial today.

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