Body Wax

Undoubtedly, the body wax is the most complex of all kinds of waxing. This is for the simple reason that it is for the whole body, while other types of waxing are only for specific sites (of body).
Thus, it becomes much more necessary that you have to be doubly cautious when selecting the studio where you intend to get the body waxing done.
It is indispensable that the studio has both skilled workforce and also a proven record of providing excellent waxing services. Our Professional Threading Studio, located in New York City, fulfils both these conditions.
Presence of a friendly and cordial ambience is a must, for the clients to feel comfortable while having the body wax. Our studio has already earned great reputation for its amicable environment! There will not be even a moment of discomfort for the client, when they are at our place using a service.
When speaking of full body waxing, several people have concerns about the pain that is felt during the procedure. But, the competency of Professional Studio makes sure that the waxing (body wax) is conducted with minimum possible pain. Our employees share the studio’s commitment to topmost customer service.
Just leave all your worries outside and enter our studio. We give you cent percent assurance that the best body wax of your life will be the one that you will be getting at Professional. You yourself will accept that that statement is not an exaggeration!
The studio is keen to extend a hearty welcome to you and serve you in ways that are most appropriate for your requirements. So, come in and witness the professionalism of Professional!

Bikini Wax

We will now speak of a waxing procedure, which most of the women feel nervous to undergo, bikini wax. It is unsurprising, as this process involves waxing of pubic hair at the vaginal region. When all types of waxing are taken into account, the role of skilled experts attains much more significance for bikini wax.
For providing bikini wax, it is a must that the beauty salon satisfies two conditions: having the required expertise and presence of a very friendly ambience. And, The Professional Threading Studio situated in New York City, conforms to both these pre-requisites.
When a client comes in, first and foremost, we make them feel comfortable assuring them that there is no need of nervousness and embarrassment.
Our professionals clearly communicate to them about the vital aspects of the process. These include a detailed elaboration of the bikini wax technique as well as the preparations the client has to do, before the procedure.
This waxing should not be carried out when you are expecting your next period in the subsequent 3 days. Likewise, mild irritation and redness of skin are possible, after completion of the process. Similarly, the customer must not be under the influence of alcohol prior to start of waxing.
The Professional Studio begins with thoroughly educating the prospective customer on all such crucial points, rather than hastening them to immediately go through the method.
The women’s decision of getting the bikini wax done at our place should be an informed one! In fact, this aspect is what that sets us apart from many other studios in the market- our customer-oriented approach!
Thus, just discard all your concerns and interact with our team of committed employees! You can rest assured that the bikini wax that you will have at Professional Studio becomes the reason for your happiness.

Leg Wax

You will not find a woman who does not prefer to have legs that are very smooth and free of hair. At the same time, not many are aware as to what is ideal way to achieve that. Shaving the legs is not the answer, for the hair grows back within few days. So, what is the choice?
Before you allow that matter to escalate your worry, please note that there is a more dependable solution for the issue. It is leg waxing, which has been in vogue for many decades. Therefore, there is every reason for you to opine that that is indeed a proven procedure!
For all beauty enhancement techniques and in your own interests, it is mandatory that you approach a salon with flawless reputation. And obviously, leg waxing is no exception to that.
You do not have to waste your precious time to search for those locations, as a market leader is very near to you! Yes! Reference is being made to the Professional Threading Studio that has earned a unique name for itself, in the avenue.
The New York City-based Professional Studio has a vast repertoire of services, which also include leg waxing. There are varied ways to perform this waxing and our expertise encompasses all these methods. Not all the methods are suitable for everyone! We scrupulously consider individual client profiles and recommend only the method that is appropriate for them!
It is advisable that you never attempt DIY leg waxing at home. Even if you try, chances are that the end result will not be up to the mark. This is a technique that is best taken care of by an expert and, there is no dearth for the specialists at Professional Studio.
Having smooth and attractive legs might have just been a dream for you, till now. But, Professional Threading Studio will convert that dream into reality! So, don’t delay anymore! Please come in!

Unwanted hair removal can be quite complicated to deal with. At Professional Threading Studio we make it easier for our clients by providing them with the best and safest hair removal alternative which is waxing. We use warm wax which is then applied using a wooden applicator by a professional.

Waxing is a long lasting method of removing unwanted hair and it even removes the dead skin cells from the skin for giving a smooth appearance to the skin. At Professional Threading Studio our experts make sure that the waxing process is less painful and is suitable for sensitive to all skin types.

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