Many people entertain needless apprehensions about eyebrow threading considering it to be a very painful procedure. Nothing can be farther from truth, provided you rely on services of an expert. We, the Professional Threading Studio based in New York City have this expertise to ensure that threading of eyebrows is actually painless.

The skilled personnel of our studio carry out eyebrow threading, a process that originated in Asia, in a very smooth manner. They first carefully clean your eyebrows and then make use of a single thread of cotton to remove hair follicles from their roots. Also, we do not include any harsh chemicals, in this threading.

The beautiful look that your eyebrows will get, after threading, is simply awesome! That level of perfection is just not possible to achieve with techniques other than threading. Apart from that, our studio sticks to a method where, even the tiniest of hairs get easily removed. More and more people are now giving preference to threading and, staying away from tweezing and waxing. Nothing surprising in that, as threading is always safer than the other two methods, especially when done by specialists. And, it is only these specialists that you find in the Professional Threading Studio!

The Professional Studio has run the extra mile to make sure that the eyebrow threading the client gets is nothing short of the best!

How can just one thread do the job? Why are so many of my friends saying that threading is full of pain? What should I do? It is obvious for you to be having all these questions. But these misgivings will be there only until you walk into our studio. After that, it won’t be too long before all your unpleasant doubts get dispelled.

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