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The popularity of waxing, as a trusted procedure of hair removal, is just next to threading. With waxing, you can remove hair from any region of the body and, the result you get from this technique lasts for at least few weeks.
As is the case with any beauty enhancement method, even waxing has to be done by a professional who leaves no margin for error! And, finding these professionals is not a hindrance at all, for it is just the matter of contacting Professional Threading Studio, headquartered in New York City.
We, at Professional Studio, understand the intricacies of this process where, you have varied types like full-body waxing, Brazilian wax and bikini wax, to name a few. Whatever may be the exact type of waxing you seek; our studio has the perfect solution for you!
The waxing methods that we follow at our studio assure you that lots of hair gets removed in single sitting. Also, when you compare with our competitors, it takes longer for hair re-growth after the waxing procedure, thanks to our methods and experts.
Additionally, it has to be highlighted that the waxing done at our place causes just minimal pain to you- very much bearable!
Our customer-centric approach to services has enabled us to earn a vast clientele base. Without any exception, all these folks have only positive things to say about Professional. It is now time for even you to join the group comprising of our satisfied customers!
Professional Studio is very much eager to serve you. Once you witness the effectiveness of our waxing services, you will enthusiastically be referring your friends and relatives to the studio! Give a chance to us and we can show to you as to why Professional is the best beauty studio around!

Brazilian Wax

Several people do not have clarity on Brazilian wax and they mistakenly consider it to be the same as bikini wax. The fact of the matter is that, Brazilian wax includes bikini wax and much more to that!
In this technique (Brazilian wax), apart from the vaginal region, hair removal is done even behind. To be more clear, here waxing is at labia, anus and perineum, too. This will give you an idea about the complexity involved in the technique.
When a procedure is a complicated one, it obviously entails the services of experts with unquestionable competency. Where can you find these specialists? There is absolutely no necessity for you to think in excess, to find an answer for that query!
The most appropriate response for the question is in your vicinity, in the form of Professional Threading Studio having its base in New York City. We, at Professional, are driven by the primary objective of complete client satisfaction! This gets vividly reflected in all our services, more so when you view intricate methods such as Brazilian wax.
When compared with bikini wax, Brazilian wax is slightly more painful. Just relax! Our highly talented professionals shall conduct the process ensuring that the pain never crosses the bearable limits for you! Well, not many beauty salons can assure you of that!
Initially, we share pivotal information with customers about situations where, people should avoid Brazilian wax. For instance, when recovering from infection of urinary tract or when you have a wound at the concerned sites, the procedure has to be postponed. It is only after confirming beyond doubt that the person is fully fit for waxing that we begin!
So what for you are waiting? Just make an entry into the studio and see for yourself why there are so many positive feedbacks about us, from diverse sources of the sector!

Next to threading, waxing is the second most popular hair removal technique, as it is free of chemicals. With the technique, unwanted hair is removed from arms, legs and other sites of body. We stick to the “No Double Dipping” policy, which makes the process very hygienic and suitable even for clients having sensitive skin.
As we are driven by the objective of cent percent customer satisfaction, we use only high quality products. Are you looking for Brazilian waxing services, full body waxing services and, full Brazilian wax, etc? If yes, then Professional Threading Studio is the place!
Our techniques will give you the added benefits of lightening the tan and removing dead skin cells. The fact that this enhances softness and smoothness of skin warrants no special mention.

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